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Our skills, expertise, experience and knowledge guarantees we can support all your needs

Our History

Faro Marine Services Pty Ltd, a South Australian owned and operated marine and cargo surveying company, was established in 2000 with the aim to provide an independent professional service within the maritime industry. This it achieved and it has further developed over more than 20 years into a trusted, reliable, efficient company that values the knowledge and experience it holds but which is constantly learning and adapting to the needs and requirements of a changing industry.

Since inception the company has grown from strength to strength, not only servicing clients based locally and interstate but also internationally. For this reason, the company, although based in Adelaide, South Australia, can offer a full range of services to not only all ports and locations within South Australia, but also throughout Australia and abroad.

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Our Culture

We are a small specialised team with extensive years of experience in the industry. We offer wide-ranging maritime surveying services and can provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to suit our clients' needs.

We strive for excellence and have a proven record of providing a high level of service and conducting our business in a professional manner whilst offering very reasonable, competitive rates.

You always deal directly with the business operations team whom are contactable 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Promise

We will take the stress out of all shipping needs, doing preliminary groundwork from point of notification and taking care of your vessel as soon as it enters Australian waters.

We are committed to providing you with a high-level professional service, from co-ordinating all areas of marine surveying & consultation to a fast turnaround of reporting.

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk and Break Bulk Cargo

We have over two decades of extensive experience with most cargo types. We understand the specific surveying requirement for each cargo, the unique handling and shipping requirements. Our knowledge of the relevant legislation and standards processes ensure smoother working with third parties. You can trust us and have confidence in our cargo loading, stowage and dispatch planning.


As there are quite a varied collection of shipping types, having extensive across-the-board experience specific to all of the shipping types is essential to allow us to provide our clients whole of business shipping solutions. Our wide understanding and experience of the technical knowledge and skills, and legislative requirements ensures our clients will get the highest service.


Experience plays a pivotal role in being able to successfully assess the condition of containers and their suitability for the intended cargoes. We have surveyed a wide variety of containers and understand the specific technical and legal requirements,and processes that need to be applied to a wide variety of goods being transported.


With many years experience sailing on vessels we understand that, particularly for these types of inspections, communication and reliability is the key.

We aim to provide regular written and verbal updates keeping you the client at all time fully informed, giving you full visibility and avoiding any unnecessary surprises.


Our aim is to protect our clients. This means conducting a thorough and comprehensive investigation with both skill and empathy in order to gain all relevant information to support our client's case. The competencies required to do this well has taken many years to develop and are paramount to achieving a favourable outcome for our client.


By taking advantage of the complete scope of professional skills acquired and the many years of experience in the field, you will be given the both theoretical and practical real world knowledge to take your first steps in the rewarding industry of marine surveying.

We provide marine and cargo surveying Australia-wide and internationally